Citizen buying land in Kenya but getting Title Deed is another dance tune of centuries.

Citizen buying land in Kenya but getting Title Deed is another dance tune of centuries.

Government system of getting Title Deed is like hell on Earth where’s nobody cares what your going through to officially get the land you bought, even the state. People with link to Land Board are using the channel to get huge cash which they’ve not struggle to get. A 1acre land the owner may use upto Ksh 50,000 and lost the amount without getting the Title Deed. Or the fake land channel brokers issue a fake Title Deed.

Windows 7 support days are numbered, After 10 years, support for Windows 7 is coming to an end. 14th January 2020 announced the end of Windows 7

Microsoft notified its customers about the ending of windows 7 support.

The ending of windows 7 doesn’t mean that your Computer or PC will stop working, the thing is that when you have technical errors on the software you’ll have no option but to upgrade to windows 8 or 10. Again when you’re Computer or PC is running Windows 7 hackas may take advantage and hack you and you’ll have no support from Microsoft.

14th January 2020 announced the end of Windows 7

Nigeria Musicians Use False Promises To Gain Followers

Nigeria Musicians on social media are using false promises to gain followers.

On thier social media accounts, Nigeria musicians are promising people to deposit some amount to thier Bank account(s), on their intention are only to gain followers easier and faster. Many people have fallen in to this fake trap and the large number of people are submitting thier bank accounts and following them online and offline.

The University administration has always acted like they own the GSU, who they can call anytime to beat Comrades.Let the GSU be stopped from causing too much violence,before it’s too late.We can’t allow violence -Police says

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